Abies “PNW” ‘Pacific Pearls’

This nice Abies fir broom cultivar, ‘Pacific Pearls’, was one of our first discoveries of Abies in the Cascade Mountain Range of the Pacific Northwest. It appears to be an Abies amabilis broom, but the parent tree died before we could confirm the identity of the species. Some experts question whether it could be a lasiocarpa or a cross between 2 fir species because of the unusual needles, buds, and growth pattern. Therefore, we thought it would be most appropriate to label it as a Pacific NorthWest (“PNW“) fir cultivar until otherwise identified.

‘Pacific Pearls’ broom
‘Pacific Pearls’ broom showing small growth pattern…It’s the REAL THING!
Close up of ‘Pacific Pearls’ broom showing numerous pearly buds.
‘Pacific Pearls’ cultivar
‘Pacific Pearls’ cultivar starting to push