Picea abies ‘Franklin Park’

About Picea abies ‘Franklin Park’: This new miniature Norway spruce cultivar was found growing as a mutation on a full-size tree in Yakima.

Miniature Norway spruce cultivar with blue-green needles
Picea abies ‘Franklin Park’

The blue-green needles and upright habit make ‘Franklin Park’ perfect for a small display garden or rock garden.

Mature Norway spruce with broom
Picea abies broom spotted buried in a mature tree near the park

The Norway spruce tree with the broom mutation was spotted growing in a neighbor’s yard bordering Franklin Park. The neighbor fortunately also had an interest in conifer cultivars and graciously allowed us to harvest a sample of the broom to graft.

Young healthy Picea abies 'Franklin Park'
Cute little Norway spruce broom cultivar

This Norway spruce cultivar, ‘Franklin Park’, is miniature and grows 1 to 3 inches per year. 

Older specimen of this Norway spruce cultivar 'Franklin Park' stays miniature
Picea abies ‘Franklin Park’ growing nicely in a display garden

Picea abies ‘Franklin Park is very rare. Only a handful of this cute little Norway spruce cultivar exists. This specimen is about 5 years old.