Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’

This Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’ is a Pacific silver fir broom that was discovered on Stampede Pass near the Pacific Crest Trail. We harvested it in early March 2018 during a snow storm. We were able to access the location by snow mobile and later learned that there were avalanches and warnings which explains why there were no other snow mobiles on the trail! ‘Pacific Crest’ is an exciting new cultivar! Not only is it beautiful and vigorous, but also there are very few Abies amabilis (Pacific silver fir) cultivars in existence, and the 2 notable cultivars (‘Compacta’ & ‘Spreading Star’) described on the American Conifer Society website originated as seedlings rather than brooms!

Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’ harvest during a snow storm!
Abies amabilis 'Pacific Crest' broom close up, just harvested.
Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’ broom just harvested.
Abies amabilis 'Pacific Crest' Pacific fir broom scion pushing
Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’ scion pushing
Pacific fir new cultivar 'Pacific Crest' scion pushing.
Abies amabilis ‘Pacific Crest’ scion pushing with multiple buds!