Abies amabilis ‘Sweet 16’

We were up in the Mt Hood region with our goal to obtain a piece of Abies procera ‘Mt Hood Summit’ but the weather was not cooperating, with rain and high winds! After several unsuccessful attempts to retrieve some scions, we decided to travel the side roads while waiting for the weather to settle down, and found this very cute little Pacific silver fir broom, our 16th Abies amabilis broom! Thus, it’s name, Abies amabilis ‘Sweet 16’! And remarkably within reach, about 6 feet overhead! It appears to be about 5 or 6 years old, with a growth rate of 3/4 to 1 inch per year, and measuring about 10 x 10 inches in width and about 4 inches in height! Neat, sweet, petite!

Very tiny Abies amabilis broom 'Sweet 16' is difficult to see in the tree! Cheryl harvesting!
Mike spotted this very small Abies amabilis broom! Since it was raining, Cheryl lost the coin toss to fetch it, while Mike got to take the photos!
Cheryl with the newly harvested Abies amabilis 'Sweet 16' new cultivar!
Got ya!
View from the top of Abies amabilis Pacific fir cultivar 'Sweet 16'!
Abies amabilis cultivar ‘Sweet 16’! Neat, sweet, petite!
Side view of Abies amabilis Pacific fir cultivar 'Sweet 16'! Neat, sweet, and petite!
Abies amabilis cultivar ‘Sweet 16’! Side view!