Picea engelmannii ‘Blue Torch’

About Picea engelmannii ‘Blue Torch’: 

This is so far our favorite Engelmann spruce broom cultivar! It is so thick, dense, hardy, and BLUE! And such a striking form! It was harvested the day Mike fell off the ladder and broke his ankle and his foot! Several other specimens derived their names from that fateful day! Including Picea engelmannii ’Big Sky’, Picea pungens ‘Skyfall’, and Pseudotsuga menziesii ‘Knock Out’!

Engelmann spruce broom cultivar 'Blue Torch'
Picea engelmannii ‘Blue Torch’
Picea engelmannii broom
Engelmann spruce broom…
Engelmann spruce broom becomes a beautiful cultivar 'Blue Torch'
…becomes ‘Blue Torch’!
Picea engelmannii 'Blue Torch' cultivar growing nicely, thick growth, hardy, and beautiful blue!
‘Blue Torch’ growing!
Beautiful engelmann spruce new cultivar with thick dense luscious new growth
What a beauty!
'Blue Torch' in our Upper Peninsula, Michigan rock garden!
‘Blue Torch’ likes living in Michigan!
'Blue Torch' shows off it blue color nicely in the desert climate of Eastern Washington
‘Blue Torch’ likes it better in Washington!