Picea mariana ‘MinneHaHa’

7 summers of growth, Picea mariana 'MinneHaHa'
Picea mariana ‘MinneHaHa’ graft, 7th summer, understock still attached!

This black spruce broom with tiny needles and a miniature growth rate was the first Picea mariana broom that we discovered. This tiny broom was located in a wetlands bog in Upper Michigan along the shore of Lake Superior near Marquette Michigan. It was so small that it was difficult to graft and we have only a few surviving specimens. Since it was along the Shores of Gitche Gumee (Lake Superior) near Hiawatha National Forest, and because of it’s miniature size, we named this cultivar ‘MinneHaHa’!

Tiny scions of black spruce broom 'MinneHaHa'
Tiny scions from Picea mariana ‘MinneHaHa’ in February 2014
Tiny graft of miniature cultivar Picea mariana 'MinneHaHa'
Picea mariana ‘MinneHaHa’ graft