Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’

Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ is a new cultivar from a lovely noble fir broom discovered along the White River, next to a hiking trail with dramatic views of Mt. Hood! The broom is at the summit of the tree enjoying views of the summit of the mountain! Harvest time, day 1, lots of wind and rain! First attempt was close to a disaster, almost got the drone stuck in the tree! Since we were more or less rained out, we decided to explore the back roads and discovered 2 other nice brooms, both much easier to reach! Abies amabilis ‘Sweet 16’ and Abies procera ‘Anew Blue’! So day 1 turned out well after all! I guess Mike’s ulcer was worth it! But we were determined to get a piece of that elusive ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ and returned, day 2, for another try! After several hours of challenges, we were able to finally harvest only a few scions from the broom! The harvested branches have numerous buds hidden within the tightly packed needles. The annual growth of Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ appears to be about 1 inch. The branchlets and scions that were collected for grafting have an appearance of an Abies pinsapo (Spanish fir)! How cool!

Abies procera 'Mt. Hood Summit' high up at the "summit" of the noble fir tree.
Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ cell phone photo.
Don’t try this at home! (Or in the woods!) Scary Scary Scary!!!
Aerial view of Abies procera 'Mt. Hood Summit', drone photo.
Harvest time, day 2! Aerial view of Noble fir broom, Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ with Mike & Cheryl bottom center piloting the drone!
Close up of Abies procera 'Mt. Hood Summit'
Close up of a branchlet of Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’! Ready for grafting, Fall 2019!
Close up of Abies procera 'Mt. Hood Summit' with numerous buds buried within tightly packed needles.
A close up of Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’. It has numerous buds buried within tightly packed needles. Almost has an Abies pinsapo (Spanish fir) appearance.
dark buds on Nobel fir new cultivar 'Mt. Hood Summit'
Freshly grafted Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’
Close up, freshly grafted scion, Abies procera 'Mt. Hood Summit' new cultivar
Close up of the new cultivar Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’
Noble fir new cultivar scion, 'Mt. Hood Summit' with dark buds.
Abies procera ‘Mt. Hood Summit’ new graft with dark buds.
Abies procera "Mt Hood Summit' 1 year old graft
Abies procera ‘Mt Hood Summit’ 1 year old graft