Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’

Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’, is a new cultivar from a Pacific silver fir broom that was discovered in the eastern Cascade mountain range of Washington at an elevation of almost exactly 1 mile (5276 feet per our Altitude app!). It is an extremely dense and old appearing broom. So we decided to name it ‘Pulsar’. We harvested a few scions in the fall of 2018 and they pushed nicely, and developed multiple new buds! We gathered more scions in November 2019, to share with other enthusiasts! While harvesting this “Star” broom, we also found a tight little broom that we named Abies amabilis ‘Stellar’! At present, there are only 1 or 2 Abies amabilis cultivars commercially available, which includes the beautiful and sought after ‘Spreading Star’ which originated as a seedling in the Netherlands before 1960.

Very old appearing broom on a Pacific fir tree.
Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’
Nice green foliage in the summer!
Close up of Abies amabilis broom 'Pulsar'
Close up of a portion of the Pacific silver broom ‘Pulsar’
Abies amabilis 'Pulsar' cultivar graft producing numerous buds.
Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’ grafted in the Autumn 2018 and pushing in the Spring 2019
Mike holding a newly harvested branch of Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’
Nice healthy looking piece of Abies amabilis ‘Pulsar’