Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’

Abies grandis 'Grand Poobah' new grand fir broom cultivar
Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’

About Abies grandis ‘Grand Poohbah’! We had been observing this Grand fir broom for a few years, trying to figure out how to retrieve some scions! This one was out of our league for climbing but we found a brave and eager tree climber who scurried up the tree without a problem! It was a beautiful day up in the mountains of the Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest with gentle snowflakes making it that much more beautiful! When we finally retrieved the broom, Mike decided to name it ‘Grand Poobah’ because it was perched near the top of the tree with the appearance of Fred Flintstone’s lodge hat from the Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes. This Abies grandis broom, along with the majority of the Davison Pacific Northwest discoveries, was from the higher elevations of the east side of the Cascade Mountains, where the conditions are more harsh. It seems that because of this, our specimens appear to be more adaptable to a wider range of temperatures and weather conditions. Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’ and many others of the Davison Pacific Northwest cultivars are thriving also in the Upper Michigan region, notable for their harsh winters. Similar to Abies grandis ‘Serendipity’, ‘Grand Poobah’ grafts well and produces numerous buds on light exposed surfaces. A bonus is that it produces bountiful deep rose colored pollen sacs!

Grand fir broom, 'Grand Poobah'
Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’ perched high in a mature Grand fir, in the Cascade mountain range of Washington.
Grand fir broom cultivar with pollen sacs
Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’ with pollen sacs!
'Grand Poobah' making pollen
‘Grand Poobah’ pollen sacs 4-22-2022
Abies grandis 'Grand Poobah' new grand fir conifer broom cultivar
Abies grandis ‘Grand Poobah’