Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’

Engelmann spruce branch with intense variegated growth.
Spring push!

About Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’: This majestic engelmann spruce was discovered towering over a riverbank, and remarkably, it is splashed with creamy white variegated branches. The coloration is intense with Spring push and the color fades slightly but not completely throughout the summer. By the following spring, last year’s growth has changed to green, just in time to provide contrast for the beautiful new flush of color!

Mature Picea engelmannii spruce tree showing off splashes of creamy-white new growth.
Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’ mature tree sporting beautiful variegated branches!

This mature spruce tree, Picea engelmannii, towers above the lower tree canopy, making it challenging to photograph close ups and to retrieve cuttings! The tree was discovered about 5 years ago.

Newly harvested variegated branch of engelmann spruce 'Whitewater'
Close up view of a newly harvested lower branch, ‘Whitewater’!

Finally in November 2020, we were able to retrieve some scions of ‘Whitewater’ during the beginning of the first major mountain snowstorm of the winter season. If we were unsuccessful on harvest day, this beautiful colorful spruce cultivar would have to wait yet another year or more!

Newly grafted Picea engelmannii 'Whitewater'
Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’ newly grafted cultivar

We are very hopeful that our grafts will take, since this is not the optimal time to harvest or graft Picea cultivars!

Picea engelmannii 'Whitewater' new cultivar
Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’
Variegated engelmann spruce 'Whitewater' scion freshly grafted.
Picea engelmannii ‘Whitewater’