Picea abies ‘Froghair’

Picea abies 'Froghair', a 7 year old specimen!
Picea abies ‘Froghair’, 7 years old!

About Picea abies ‘Froghair’: This new miniature Norway spruce cultivar was found in Yakima Washington as a witches broom at the Fisher Golf Course near one of the greens! “Froghair” is the term used to describe the very short fringe of grass around the green. It also means “extremely fine and delicate”, and so we chose the name ‘Froghair’ due to the cultivar’s diminutive size and growth habit, along with the broom’s location on the golf course! Two other brooms were discovered in the same golf course, including one of our favorites, an Abies concolor, ‘Hoop-dee-doo‘!

Norway spruce tree broom 'Froghair'
Picea abies ‘Froghair’ broom, au naturel
Picea abies 'Froghair' with tiny growth pattern
Picea abies ‘Froghair’ showing tiny growth pattern