Pinus resinosa ‘Packerland’

About Pinus resinosa ‘Packerland’: This beautiful green and yellow variegated red pine was discovered along a country road north of Green Bay! It was found among a row of Pinus resinosa that appeared to have been planted for a windbreak. We returned on Superbowl Sunday to grab a few scions, along with cuttings of Pinus sylvestris ‘Platinum Ridge’ and Picea glauca ‘Tillie’.

Variegated Red Pine,'Packerland'


Variegated Pinus resinosa 'Packerland'. GO PACKERS!
Pinus resinosa ‘Packerland’ with nice variegated cones!

This variegated Pinus resinosa tree also produces beautiful variegated cones! We have a few successful grafts in Michigan that are starting to show their color!

Immature Pinus resinosa 'Packerland' new graft cultivar
Baby Packer Backer!