Picea engelmannii ‘Mountain Gold’

About Picea engelmannii ‘Mountain Gold’: The Engelmann spruce parent tree was discovered while hiking on a trail in the Cascade Mountains of eastern Washington.

Beautiful new cultivar, Picea engelmannii ‘Mountain Gold’, June 2022
Picea engelmannii variegated tree branch
A branch from the variegated Picea engelmannii tree in the mountain

We couldn’t believe it! We turned a corner and there it was! A beautiful 20 foot tall variegated Engelmann spruce tree standing on its own just off of the hiking trail!

close up variegated Engelmann spruce branch, parent tree
A close up of a branch from the variegated Engelmann spruce tree found in the wild
Picea engelmannii 'Mountain Gold' newly grafted cultivar
A new graft of Picea engelmannii ‘Mountain Gold’ showing off its color
Another grafted Picea engelmannii ‘Mountain Gold’, grafts well

It grafted quite well and actually prefers the sun! Our grafts started growing much better after we moved them from the shade to the sun. There is very little burning of the golden needles. The yellow color intensifies in the sun and becomes quite prominent by June.