Abies amabilis ‘White Pass’

Abies amabilis ‘White Pass’ is a columnar growing Pacific silver fir broom found up in the White Pass area in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington on Labor Day weekend in 2018. We used our snow-shoes to access and harvest the broom in January 2019. The upright growing broom was dense and measured about 4 by 2 feet in dimension. This new Abies amabilis cultivar grafted well with nearly 100% take!

Cheryl finding cool columnar Pacific fir broom!
“Eureka! I have found it!”
Close up of Abies amabilis 'White Pass' upright broom.
Close up of Abies amabilis ‘White Pass’
Cheryl excited to harvest the Abies amabilis 'White Pass broom in January!
Successful harvest of Pacific silver fir broom ‘White Pass’! It landed on it’s feet (trunk)!
'White Pass' Pacific fir scion is pushing!
Spring push!
Abies amabilis 'White Pass' scion's first push in May 2019!
Abies amabilis ‘White Pass’ broom scion pushing!