Picea engelmannii ‘Shades of Blue’

This intense blue Engelman spruce broom was found in the Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest, between Yakima and Mt Rainier, on a forest service road. Must have driven past it 50+ times before discovering it one day when the light was hitting it just right!

Beautiful engelman spruce broom perched on a branch waiting to be discovered.
‘Shades of Blue’ engelman perched nicely on a branch and waiting to be discovered!
Mike harvesting Picea engelmanni broom 'Shades of Blue' in November 2019.
Harvest time 2019…elk hunting season, orange required !
Cheryl admiring and photographing freshly harvested engelman broom.
Engelman spruce broom cultivar waiting to be grafted!
Beautiful engelman spruce broom has dense growth pattern and intense shades of blue.
Picea engelmannii ‘Shades of Blue’ resembles a sitka!